Single Journeys

Return Journey or Single Journey. Account holder, or non Account Holder. Regular booking, or one off booking. Personal Class Travel are specialists in long distance and local road passenger travel. Whether you are a travelling alone, or in a group of up to 8, we will provide you with immaculate vehicles, highly trained professional drivers, and unbeatable customer service from the moment you place your booking to stepping out of the vehicle at the end of the journey. 

When you book

When you book a single journey, we will ask for the pick up location, the time you would like to be met, and where you would like to go. If your bookings is from an Airport, then we will ask for your Flight Number as opposed to a time. This allows us to track your flight, and adjust the time your driver arrives at the airport accordingly.

We will advise you who your driver is going to be the day before the booking, including what they will driving, and the registration and colour of the vehicle. When the driver is en route, you will receive an automated text message to let you know they are on the way, along with a link to track them if you wish .

Car Interior Waiting for Client - single journey - customer service
Inside one of our vehicles.

Most of our vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi should you need / desire it, and USB charging ports to keep your devices fully charged. Selected vehicles also come fully equipped with Spotify & DAB radio so you can listen to what ever you wish. Then just sit back, and relax, while our professional driver smoothly and safely drives you to your destination.

Reducing our use of Plastics

To reduce our use of single use plastics, we no longer currently provide bottled water or refreshments as standard. However we are happy to provide refreshments at your request, free of charge. Just let us know when you book.

Meet & Greet

Airport Pick Up







After a flight, often the last thing you want to do is mess around with trying to find your driver, in the car park, or waiting for your phone to turn back on to contact them. When you book a Meet & Greet, your driver will be waiting for you in the Arrivals Hall. This is why we ask for your Flight Number. We monitor and track your flight, and aim to be in the Arrivals Hall no later than 15 minutes after your domestic flight has landed or 30 minutes if you have been travelling internationally. They will greet you with a friendly smile, then help you with any luggage and lead you to the vehicle.

Even if you don’t book a Meet & Greet, we will still monitor your flight,so we will be aware of any delays. We will then be in the designated pick up zone at the airport 20 minutes after your domestic flight has landed, or 35 minutes if you have been travelling internationally.

Economy Airport Pick Up

Due to the possibility of your flight being delayed the extra time involved in tracking your flight, and Airport parking charges, we charge an “Airport Pick Up Surcharge” in anticipation of any delays, and to cover the cost of Parking at the Airport. However we have an Economy Airport Pick Up option, where there is no pick up surcharge.. With this option we do not track your flights. Instead your driver will arrive in the designated Airport Pick up Zone at a time of your choosing. If for any reason your flight is delayed, let us know and we will amend the time of the booking.

When using our Economy Airport Pick up, we suggest making the booking for approximately 30-45 minutes after your flight is due to land. This will normally give enough time for you to deplane, pass through customs, and claim your luggage, and will minimise any additional waiting time charges. This only a suggestion, and it is entirely your decision what time to make the booking for.


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All our drivers are fully licensed Private Hire Drivers, who have undergone extensive background checks.  All our vehicles are fully licensed Private Hire Vehicles


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