Retainer is an alternative to a timed booking, day hire.

Having a vehicle and driver at your disposal all day is fantastic, but do you really want to pay for someone to be sat around all day if your only planning on making one or two journeys, or travelling a short distance?

If you do, excellent, our timed booking service is ideal. However there is another way.

However, the retainer offers the same continued service as our timed booking service, but at a potentially greatly reduced cost. For £80 we will allocate a driver to be available to you for up to 10 hours between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm, just as our Timed Bookings. Where as a timed booking costs a considerable amount more, and has miles included, Retainer doesn’t. Any journeys made are chargeable on top of the retainer fee.

When you use a Retainer, we will allocate you a driver for the day. They will park as close as possible, normally within 5 minutes to an address of your choice (subject to any parking restrictions) and wait for your call. When you need to get somewhere, simply contact them directly. They will come to you, and take you where ever you need to go. You can then continue to make as many, or as few journeys as you wish while you have a driver on retainer

If you don’t make any bookings, there is no extra charge.

Any journeys you do make will be chargeable at our standard rate.

Retainer Booking
The address the driver will park up to 5 minutes from (subject to parking restrictions)This does not have to be the pick up address of any journeys
Date and Time you wish the retainer to start at.The driver will be available to you for 10 hours between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM.The latest a retainer can start is 10:00 AM
Price: £ 80.00

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