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Driven Sightseeing Tours around Cardiff and South East Wales.

Discover South East Wales with a Personal Driver Guide to show you the beauty and history on a Personal Sightseeing Tour.

South East Wales, is a full of history, culture, parks and castles. Unending things to do and places to go. From Roman ruins, to medieval castles, to war scarred Cathedrals. From sandy beaches, world famous TV locations to world class sporting and music Venues. Parks to Stroll in. Country Estates to meander through. Mountains to climb. What ever your interested in, however you like spending your time, there is something for you. Take a Sightseeing Tour to see what is on offer.


St Fagans Castle - Andre Van De Sande
Millenium Centre - James Keane
Cardiff Bay @ Sunset - Andre Van De Sande


What Do we Do?

Knowing whats on offer, and how to get there is often a daunting prospect, and so, that’s why we created Personal Class Tours. Sightseeing Tours from Personal Class Travel

If your visiting South East Wales for the first time on holiday, trying to plan your itinerary can be tricky, as you don’t know how far or close certain places you might want to visit are. You simply might not have a clue as to what is on offer. That is where your Personal Driver Guide comes in.  All our Driver guides are born and bred in South East Wales. Or they have lived here so long, they might as well be, because of this, your Personal Driver Guide has an in depth knowledge of the area, and can show you the true South East Wales. Sights that might otherwise be missed.

Unique To You

All tours are unique to you. There is no set route. No set sights we show you. We build the sightseeing tour around you, so you get to see what you want to see. Let us know what things interest you, the sorts of things you would like to go, and we will design a bespoke tour around you. Your Driver Guide will show you what there is in the region that might interest you, and where they are.

Our standard sightseeing tours do not stop at any of the locations visited through out the day. If we did this, there simply wouldn’t be enough time to get around everywhere. Instead, we show you what South East Wales has that might interest you, and then you can decide where to visit again, in your own time. That’s not to say the whole day is spent in the car, there will be stops along the way for you to get out stretch your legs, and take some pictures.

Go where you want to go

You may even know where you want to go, but cant get there. Tell us and we will take you there. If not, don’t worry, we will take you on one of our standard Full Day sightseeing tours. Your Driver Guide, will have an approximate route and list of intended sights to show you, but they will adapt this as they go. Click Here to see a list of possible sights we could take you too.

Tours Designed For You

You may want to see something, or go somewhere we don’t normally include in our standard tour. Let us know, and we will include it. If your particular interest is Castles, and you would like the opportunity to go inside any, or all, of the castles on our tours, let us know. Wish to have a longer tour? Let us know. It is our aim to ensure each and every tour is as enjoyable as possible. That means doing and seeing what YOU want to, not just what we want to show you.


Castell Coch
Inside Wyndham Arcade
Cathays Park Memorial - Andre Van De Sande

How it Works

Whether your new to the region, or a first time visitor. We will pick you up from a location of your choice, and take you and up to 2 other people (currently a max 3 in total) on a sightseeing tour of South East Wales. Discover South East Wales with a Personal Driver Guide to show you the beauty and history. Your sightseeing tour will show you the local sights and attractions, and give you a bit of history and background of various places around the region at the same time.

Roath Park Lake. One of the sights on a sightseeing tour
Roath Park Lake

Cardiff Full Day Tour

Your tour will begin around 09:30, and your driver guide will meet you with a fresh coffee, at a location of your choosing. We will then take you on a tour of Cardiff and South East Wales. Bottled Water and / or fruit juice will be also be available. The sightseeing tour will take approximately 5 hours, with various stops throughout the day to stretch your legs, with plenty of photo opportunities.

£150 Monday – Friday (max 3 people in total)

Take a sightseeing tour from just £50.00 per person.  £10.00 per person, per hour.

Cardiff Castle. a highlight of a Sightseeing tour
Cardiff Castle

Mini Tour

If you have just moved, or are about to move, to South East Wales, a mini tour is for you.

Our half day Mini Tours are by their nature shorter in length, so less is visited. In fact we stay in Cardiff.  This makes them ideal to show you, your new surroundings. We will pick you up from you new home, and show you the main points of interest you may to know. Such as how to get too and from your new place of work / study. Local shops. Hospital / Doctors / Dentist. Tell us your interests and hobbies, and we will show you a number of places that may be of interest to you. At the same time we will show few popular bars / restaurants while we give you a quick spin around your new area so you can see what’s where, and get accustomed to your new surroundings.

A mini tour can also be booked as a sightseeing tour. On a mini tour we will concentrate on Cardiff itself and go to as many places as we can in the time available. Like a full day tour, a mini tour can also be adapted to go where you want to go.

We will pick you up at 09:30 am or 1:00 pm, which ever is more convenient for you, and return you to the same address approx 2 hours later.

£75 Monday – Friday

Transfer & Tour

If your flying into Wales from abroad, or travelling from elsewhere in the UK our Transfer & Tour Package can help.

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