Personal Delivery

Personal Delivery is our personal courier service. We will collect any item, from any where at any time, and deliver it.

Business Deliveries

It could be a contract form your office that needs to go to a colleague, a tender to a potential client,  or something a client has purchased from you. What ever needs to be deliver it, we delivery it, personally.

Document Delivery - Personal Delivery

Personal Delivery

If you have purchased something online from a shop, using a Click and Collect type of service, we can collect it for you. A present to a family member, we can personally deliver it. Missed a home delivery? Let us know, we can come and get the missed delivery card, and collect the delivery from the depot*.

Luggage Collection

Luggage Collection

Travelling somewhere straight from the office?

Travelling with work, but need to go into the office first. Have to take you luggage into work with you? Not any more. With Personal Delivery, we can collect it from your home, pick you up from work and take you to the airport or train station. Or simply just drop your luggage off to you.

Vising Cardiff on Business?

If you are arriving in Cardiff with luggage and going straight into a meeting before checking into your hotel, we can pick you up from the airport, or train station, and look after your luggage for you. Then at the end of the day, we can either pick you up from your meeting and take you to your hotel. If you prefer we can simply drop your luggage to your hotel. On the day you are due to depart we can do the reverse. We can pick you and your luggage up from your hotel, drive you to your meeting, and look after your luggage for you. Then afterwards pick you up, with your luggage already safely in the car, and drive you to the airport or train station. Personal Delivery helps you keep a professional image by not having your luggage with you.

Visiting Cardiff for Leisure?

You have to check out of your hotel by 11:00 am, but your flight home is an evening flight. A problem faced by travellers all over the world, throughout the year. What are your options?
Leave your luggage at the Hotel, go somewhere to do something for a few hours / most of the day, go back to the Hotel to get your luggage before going to the airport?
Stay in the hotel bar with your luggage until it is time to leave?
Go to the Airport REALLY earlier?
Book an extra night in the hotel so you can spend the day in the room?

Personal Delivery has another way.

Let us pick your luggage up for you. We can pick you up from the hotel in the morning when you check out, and take you somewhere for you to spend the day. We will then leave you to your own devices, but look after your luggage for you. At an agreed time and location we will me you, with your luggage safely in the car, and drive you to the Airport. Alternatively, we can pick your luggage up from the hotel** on the way to meet you somewhere else. Using Personal Delivery, you don’t have to stay in the hotel, carry your luggage round all day, go back to the hotel or spend more time at the airport than you have too.

Book a Personal Delivery

You can book a Personal Delivery by filling in the Reserve Now form. In the just mention you are booking a delivery in the Journey Notes.

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*A Letter of authorisation my be required to allow a 3rd party to collect an item. Checks should be made directly with the delivery company. Charges may still be applied in the event the delivery company refuse to hand over the parcel we are requested to collect.
**It is the clients responsibility to advise the Hotel that we will be collecting their luggage. The client should check with the Hotel that a 3rd party can collect luggage prior to booking this service. Charges may still apply if the hotel refuses to hand over your luggage.


Personal Delivery charges are calculated using time and distance to carry out the journeys. Unless specified at the time of booking, all services will be provided at a time of our choosing within 4 hours of the booking being placed. If a specific time is required, charges may be higher. Charges payable by card are the time of booking. Click here to view our rates.