Personal Class Academy

The Personal Class Academy is a unique knowledge school offering a different way to study to get your Private Hire licence. Whether your wish to get a Newport Private Hire Licence, or a Cardiff Dual Badge, with our Academy you can train and study at your own pace, and more importantly according to your own schedule.

Why are we different?

Our Academy is different in a number of ways. Firstly all our lessons are delivered via Zoom Video Conferencing. This means you can attend a lesson where ever you are, or where ever you feel comfortable.

Zoom Knowledge School

Secondly is how our lessons are scheduled. With a traditional Knowledge School, they tell you when the lessons are on, and you either turn up or you don’t. There is little warning about what the lessons will contain, and if you can’t make one for any reason, you just miss that bit. Additionally the lessons are typically held during the day time, Monday to Friday. If you are already in employment, this could be mean it is hard to attend the lessons. With our knowledge school, we have multiple lessons a week. Each lesson is different, we let you know which lessons will cover what, and we also have evening lessons as well as day time lessons. You choose which lessons you want to attend, and when you want to attend them.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, is our charging structure. Traditional knowledge schools charge a fixed fee, whether your attend lessons or not. This can mean a large outlay from the start, and spending money regardless of of how many lessons you attend. Our fee’s are a “per lesson” structure. This means that you only pay for what you attend. This combined with when the lessons are held, and notice of what they are about means that if you don’t help with one part of the course, you don’t pay for it. Conversely, if you need more help with a different part, you get it

Course Material

It’s not just the lessons we do differently. It’s the course materials as well. With traditional knowledge schools, you pay a one off fixed fee, for the materials, and the lessons. Regardless of how many lessons you attend. If you don’t want to attend any lessons, we can supply you with JUST the materials, and you can learn at your own pace, in your own time and no extra cost.

If you decide to just buy the course Material, you are under no obligation to attend any lessons. Of course, if you find you are struggling with one particular part, you can attend the lesson on that part at any time you wish.

If you would like more details about what is involved in being a Private Hire Driver, and how to get your licence, please clink on either of the links below, or contact us with any other questions, and we will be happy to help.


We operate a pay as you learn pricing structure. You pay for the lessons you attend, and that’s it. If you do not want to attend the lesson’s, and just want the material we also have just that available to you.

Our day time lessons last approximately 60 to 90 minutes each, and costs £10.00 per lesson. Our evening lessons are the same as our day time lessons, and cost £15.00 per lesson.

The course materials cost £50.00 for the Cardiff Licence, and £15.00 for the Newport Licence. Upon purchasing the material, for either licence, we will email you all the materials you will need withing 48 hours.

We can also provide all the materials on a USB drive if you wish for an additional £7.50. If you choose to have it on USB also, this will be dispatched to you by first class post within 5 working days of your order.

Cardiff Knowledge Course Material - Email Only
Cardiff Knowledge Course Material - Email + USB
Newport Knowledge Course Material - Email Only
Newport Knowledge Course Material - Email + USB



Our upcoming lessons can be viewed here.

Each lesson will have an overview of what will be covered. Simply choose the lesson you wish to attend, and book your place


Becoming a Private Hire Driver

Getting a Private Hire Licence