Personal Check

Personal Check, takes care of things at home when you are away. With the same high levels of customer service as everything else Personal Class Travel do, Personal Check is a house and Pet sitting service. When you are going away, its not just the trip and how to get too and from the airport to think about. There’s also the things that need to happen while you are away.

Who will water the plants?

Who will feed the cats / gold fish

Will put the bins go out?

How can I be sure the house will be ok?

Personal Check is the answer to all the above. We will make daily visits to your home while you are away to take care of all that.

Personal Check - Watering plants

Plants, Pets, Bins & Tea

When you book Personal Check we will water your plants, check on and feed your pets. We will even put your bins and recycling out. Even your fridge and cupboards will be stocked with the essential supplies (such as Bread, Milk, Tea, Coffee & Sugar) for when you get home, so there’s no need to go straight to the shop when you get home.

Personal Check - Bread & Milk

Car & Emergencies

If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, use Personal Check to look after your car. We can start the car for you once every few weeks to make sure the battery doesn’t go flat. Subject to insurance, we can even take your car round the block so your brakes don’t seize.

Flat Car Battery - Personal Check

Should the worst happen while you are away, such as a water pipe burst, we will take care of all that for you as well.


We can also walk your dog if you want to leave them at home. Whilst we are unable to care for your dogs away from your home, much as we would like too, we can visit more then once a day and carry out extended visits to check on them, and make sure they are OK.


If you expecting a delivery while you are away, with Personal Check you can make sure someone is present to accept the delivery at your home on your behalf.

Stand Alone Service

Personal Check is a stand alone service, and is available to all, regardless of whether travel has been booked with us or not, although we can provide a discount if you travel with us as well.


£15 per visit for the 3 visit (minimum 2 visits)
£10 per additional visit
£10 per visit from visit 1 if you book your travel with Personal Travel
Each visit will last approximately 15-20 minutes

Dog Visits
£30 per visit
Each visit will last approximately 1 hour and include a 30 min walk for your dog

£30 per hour for a timed delivery.
£100 for an AM or a PM delivery – Up to a 4 hour time window.  For example between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm
£150 for a day delivery – If no time window is provided. For example delivery between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

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