Pay Now

Using these buttons, you can pay for a selected number of our services online by credit or debit card. Save time and click on the link for the service you wish to pay for, and pay online today;

Card Payment - Accounts - Pay - Credit Card - Debit Card

Personal Check

Personal Check - First 3 Visits
Personal Check - Additional Visits

Please note: If you would like to book more than 3 visits, you are required to make 2 payments. One for the first 3 visits, and a second for each additional visit. To do this, please enter the total number of visits required when paying for additional visits, and enter “1” for Up to 3 Visits. This will total the correct amount Alternatively, pay for one and we can take payment for the balance when you meet our representative prior to you going away.

Personal Accounts

Personal Account - Authorisation Fee
Personal Class Account - Set Up Fee
Family Account - Set Up Fee

Select the type of account you want to apply for. You card details will be saved and your future bookings, and invoices, and annual fee (if applicable) will be charged against the card. If you have selected Personal Account, the £1.00 will be credited against your first booking


Make Sure you also Complete the relevant form

Please Note: If you are paying for any of the above services online, you will need to have completed the appropriate booking form on the relevant page as well. This will allow us to match the payment to the booking / application. We are unable to process any payments, where a relevant form has not been completed. The payment may still go through, but we will not be able to identify it.