Personal Tours FAQ

How many people can go on a tour?

Currently we are only able to take 3 people on our tours. Our main vehicle, which is the one we use for most of our tours, is only licenced for 4 passengers. For comfort reasons we limit the tours to 3 people as a 4th person would have to sit in the middle of the back seat. This would not provide a pleasant experience for all in the back. So we have taken the decision to limit the tour to 3 people, to ensure everyone on the tour has the best experience possible. We are hoping to purchase a new, larger vehicle in the coming months, and when we have done this,  we will be able to take up to 6 people on our tours.

Can I bring my own food and drink on a tour?

if you choose too, you may bring your own food and drink on all tours, with the exception of the Cardiff Mini Tour. This is so the car can be kept clean for possible use straight after a mini tour. On our longer tours it is unlikely the vehicle will be used straight after, so there would be time for us to clean it prior to the next booking. We do however request that any of your own food you do bring on the tour is “clean” food, that is not likely to make a mess in the car, other than some crumbs. We reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee for excessive mess made as a result.

Personal Travel FAQ’s

How are your prices worked out?

Like most Private Hire companies in the UK, our prices are based on how long the journey will take, the number of miles the journey covers, plus a base fee. We are no different in this respect. However where as most companies place the emphasis on the distance, we place the emphasis on the time. We believe this is a fairer way for all concerned.

Why do you seem to be quiet expensive for a short journey, but very competitive for a long journey?

This is because we place most of the emphasis on the time a journey takes, rather than the distance of a journey. Around a short journey can still take some time. To make sure the driver earns at least minimum wage, most companies and councils will charge a high amount per mile, to compensate for the low number of miles being covered in an hour. This has the effect of making long journeys expensive, as the mileage rate is the same, despite the number of miles being covered in an hour being a lot higher, meaning you are paying a lot more per hour. As we place most of our emphasis on the time a journey may take, average speed’s are irrelevant to the fare. Whether the journey is across town, or across country the cost per hour will remain the same, which makes us very competitive on long journeys. Our first mile cost is also higher.

Why is your first mile higher?

We are a small company, and as such our drivers may need to travel a lot further to the pick up address empty,  this is known as dead mileage. Where as  a competitor, who may have a vehicle on just about every street corner. The competitors dead mileage would be negligible, so the driver wont need compensating for the dead mileage. As we do not have the ability to have a vehicle on every street corner, which means our drivers may have to drive further to the pick up address, and incur more costs in doing so. This is reflected in a higher first mile cost.

Are these the only reasons?

No. We also believe in quality over quantity. A lot of our competitors have priced themselves in such away as to attract as many bookings as possible. This can often lead to poor service from the driver, who is only interested in getting as many fares in as possible. The quality, and cleanliness of the vehicle may suffer as well, as the driver could view time spent cleaning the car as time not spent earning money. Corners could be cut in maintenance as well, in an attempt to keep costs down, and profits up. We would much prefer our drivers to have 2 or 3 well paid jobs rather than 5 or 6 low paid jobs in the same amount of time. The driver will be more refreshed, more patient, provide better service, and will have a cleaner car, all of which benefit the customer. Another advantage of our “quality over quantity” approach is our availability. By not operating a mass market pricing approach, means we receive less bookings, this results in a high availability, for those that prefer to pay a little more for a far better service.

Are you a Taxi Company, or a Chauffeur Company?

We are neither. We are a private hire company providing a Personal service. We are more expensive than a taxi company, especially locally, but not as expensive as a Chauffeur Company. Although we do operate in the same market as both. You could compare it to eating out. If you did, Uber would be McDonalds. Cheap, cheerful, is the same everywhere all over the world, it’s food, but the service can be hit and miss at best. Its mass market mass appeal. a local taxi company would be the local chippy. Generally only operating in one area, has a loyal customer base, is inexpensive, some are good, some are bad. Generally speaking fantastic after a night out, but not somewhere you would necessarily think of as special. At the top of the tree is the chauffeur, these are the Michelin starred, fine dining restaurants, with exquisite food, impeccable customer service, everything is very shiny and easy on the eye. They have (or at least should) pulled out all the stops to impress. Generally expensive, and you may only go there on special occasions. They need to put on a show in order to justify the prices. Then there is us. We are the family owned Bistro, with excellent home cooked food, providing first class service. We are cheaper than Michelin Star restaurant, not because our food or service isn’t as good, it is, but more because we have decided to forgo the fine dining experience. Our focus is more on you, ensuring you have good journey, and an excellent experience rather than expensive shiny chandeliers and gold cutlery.

Why cant I get a quote or pay for a booking on your website?

We are a small company, with limited resources. As such this website was built in house, and we do not have the skill’s to add this feature just yet. We are however hoping to be able to add this feature to the website in the coming months. In the mean time we are more than happy to provide you with a quote for any thing