Contract Bookings

Contract Bookings are for those that travel regularly from one place to another. Whether you are paying for your own travel, an employer paying for staff travel, or using Access to Work. A  contract booking makes the whole booking and payment process smoother and quicker.

Contract Booking
It could be every day to and from work. Once a week to go shopping, or once a month for a work meeting. Whatever the reason, or how often, a contract booking saves having to make a new booking every time.

Access to Work

Access to Work

We also offer contracts to individuals who are using the Access to Work scheme to travel to and from work. This is a government run scheme, where individuals can claim for travel costs to help them get too and from work. With Access to Work, a claimant can claim some, or all of the costs to get too and from work. You  can find out if you are eligible here. Access to Work is normally paid in arrears and can sometimes be a couple of months in arrears. If you are eligible for Access to Work, we may be able to defer payment until you have received payment. We may even be able to accept payment direct from DWP.

Staff Travel

A contract for Staff Travel can be an excellent way to ensure your staff are where they need to be, when they need to be there. This is particularly useful if they have to rely on unreliable public transport to get where they need to be. We can adapt the payment terms to your requirements. Maybe you want to pay for all the travel costs, or just part of them. Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.


Repeat bookings can be easier with a Contract Booking. Not only do you only need to book once, you only need to pay weekly or monthly instead of every time.

Simply tell us the pick up location, the destination, the days, and the time, and the rest is taken care of. We will give you a fixed price, and this will be the same price every time for the duration of the contract. You will then be allocated Primary driver, who will drive you nearly every time.

The same driver. The same price. Every time.

All contracts automatically get a Personal Class Account, free of charge, with access to all the benefits at no cost.

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